Alex shrub and laura 1

Artwork picture of Alex Shrub with his wife Laura in GTA Vice City.

Alex Shrub is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who serves as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is the husband of Laura Shrub, whom he cheats on without her knowing. He is also a right wing politician who became the youngest congressmen in the state of Florida. According to Maurice Chavez, he refers to Shrub that "he has a great haircut and says things that nod your head." Shrub is known to be dislusional, who knowingly tries to cover up and distract people, knowing from the fact that Vice City is going downhill during his term. He cares only about
Alex with candy 1

Alex Shrub with Candy Suxx in GTA Vice City.

money and has allowed businesses to do as they please, such as legalizing the selling of Giggle Cream, a hazardous dessert which has killed 23 people.

Later on in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Shrub seeks to ban pornographic films in Vice City in order to gain votes in the city. Tommy Vercetti, who has just purchased the film studio sets up a plan to stop this. Tommy sends Candy Suxxx, Shrub's favorite prostitute, to his condo in Vice Point and has him engage in cross-dressing while Tommy takes pictures of him dressed as "Martha." Tommy and film director, Steve Scott, use the photos to blackmail Shrub into working with the Vercetti Gang.

VCPD Crime Tree Record

Extream Right Wing congressman. Known philanderer. Will do anything for votes.

  • Extreme Right Wing congressman.
  • Known philanderer.
  • Will do anything for votes.
  • Power obsessed. Usual politician.
  • Expected to go vary far.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City



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