All Hands On Deck
All hands on deck mission 1
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Ocean Beach, Vice City
For: Juan Garcia Cortez
Target: Escape from the French Secret Service
Reward: $5,000
Unlocked by:

Death Row

Mission failure: Player Death
Death of Cortez

All Hands On Deck is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Juan Garcia Cortez from his yacht in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


The French Secret Service discovered the Cortez sent the courier the steal the missile technology guidance chips, and now they want them back. However, Cortez wants to keep them and so asks Vercetti to assist him while he flees Vice City on his yacht. When the boat begins to leave the dock, the agents show up and begin to open fire on the boat. Tommy fights them off and more begin to show up on Dinghys. The yacht reaches a bridge in Vice Point and discover that the French has all ready blocked them with smaller boats, but again, Tommy defeats them. The French then attack them again in Mavericks, and later a Hunter, which results in Vercetti shooting all three helicopters down. While at sea, Cortez asks Tommy to keep an eye on Mercedes, and gives Tommy his speedboat to return to Vice City with.



The reward for completing All Hands On Deck is $5,000 and the Speeder. All missions for Cortez are now complete.


  • Despite the fact that the player recieves the speedboat as a 'gift', there is no way for the player to save it as there are no garages in the game that are fit for boats.
  • Cortez's Speeder is shown to have a primary red body color when being lowered in the sea, but the Speeder that the player is in after the mission is white.
  • "Adios amigo" is the only Spanish that Tommy Vercetti speaks in the game.
  • Strangely, the French SS will be heard speaking Spanish in of French. This is unknown why.

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