Alloy Wheels of Steel
Alloy wheels of steel 1
Tommy talking to Mitch Baker


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Greasy Chopper, Downtown, Vice City


"Big" Mitch Baker




Messing with the Man

Unlocked by:

Love Juice

Cause(s) of mission failure:

Player Death, Death of one of the racers

Alloy Wheels of Steel is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Mitch Baker from the Greasy Chopper in Downtown, Vice City.


Tommy needs security for the gig and Kent Paul mentions to him that Baker's biker gang would serve well as the security. Tommy heads over to the Greasy Chopper and confronts Baker who is playing pool and makes fun of him. Baker mentions to Tommy that he doesn't look like the law so he gives Tommy one minute to speak with him. Tommy tells him about the gig but Baker says that his gang only do favors for their own. However, he gives Tommy a chance. He wants Tommy to show him that he can handle a bike properly by racing Couger and Zeppelin around Downtown.


The reward for completing Alloy Wheels of Steel is $1,000. The mission Messing with the Man is unlocked.


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