The Army Fatigues is an outfit that is worn by Victor Vance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He wears it from the beginning of the game until Conduct Unbecoming, where the outfit gets confiscated, and he gets kicked out of the army. However, the outfit is re-unlocked to the player after completing the mission "Over The Top". Other Army Fatigues appear throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, but are only worn by the soldiers and not the protagonist.


  • The Army Fatigues shares the same purpose as the Cop Outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. While the protagonists where these outfits, they can freely enter Fort Baxter Air Base without being attacked by the soldiers.
  • The soldiers at Fort Baxter will still attack Victor if he attacks the soldiers, regardless if he's wearing the fatigues.
  • The player can get rid of a one or two star wanted level by changing into the outfit, even if he's already wearing it.

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