BF Injection is a dune-buggy that was first featured in Grand Theft Auto III, then in later GTA III games



In all of its appearances, the vehicle resembles a enlarged version of a Meyers Manx. The BF Injection that appeared in GTA III possessed an exaggerated, an open air roof, no doors, a curvy shell design, and a large rear-mounted engine, making the vehicle distinctive. Its also seen with a wide variety of colors. Despite the fact the it emits light from the front, the vehicle doesn't feature headlamps like the vehicle that are featured in later GTA games.

The BF Injection went under a moderate facelift in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and so on. The BF Injection in VC features headlamps on both the front and hi-beam lamps on the roll cage, although these don't turn on. The vehicle still maintains its curvy design, but also features silver trimming. The vehicle is also available in different body colors, although it only features one solid color, unlike the vehicle that is featured in GTA San Andreas which features a two-tone color. The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories rendition is similar to the GTA Vice City rendition.


The preformance of the BF Injection is above average in all GTA III games. The vehicle features well speed, but cannot match the speed of sports cars. Handling is good, with a wide wheel base and is light weight. The vehicle also features off road tires, allowing the vehicle to drive well on sand and over steep terrain. The vehicle is prone to rollover, as the vehicle features stiff suspension

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