Barry Stark is a character from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City who can be heard on VCPR. He is a nudist on VCPR usually telling people in Vice City to not wear clothes. Starks also attempts to bring more nude recreation to Vice City, including a casino. Stark is known to be married and lives on a nudist commune, but admits that they 'share' wives.

Stark admits that he lies a lot. He also admits that he stopped wearing clothes while on a holiday trip in Halle, Germany in 1982. Later on, he says that he told his mother that he wanted to go to school naked, to which his mother was okay with. He was later taken from his mother by social services for his actions. He also states that he couldn't be able to tell if a person was black or white unless they were naked.

Stark claims that nudity lead to world peace, reduction in crime, and states that wearing clothes 'lead to immorality'. Stark is also the author of As Nature Intended and the editor of Naturist News. At the end of the show, he was show in his genitals by pwer-crazzed Pastor Richards. He survies and asks Maurice Chavez that he needs a proctologist.

He can also be heard talking to Lazlow on Chatterbow FM in Grand Theft Auto III.

Barry Stark was voiced by Renaud Sebbane.

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