Barzini's is a
Barzinis exterior 1

Exterior view of the resturant inside the Vice Point Mall in GTA VCS.

chain of italian resturants that appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. There are two resturants located in Vice City; one in Downtown and one on the first floor of the North Point Mall (a.k.a. Vice Point Mall)

Although the Downtown outlet is inaccessible to the player, the outlet inside the mall features an interior that is decorated witl wooden panel pillars and ceilings, quality wallpaper and carpeting, a bar, and an aquarium. Both outlets are non-interactive.

In the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, both of the resturants are absent.


  • The name of the resturant might be a referance the Tho Godfather novel and movie, as they feature a crime family named Barzini, led by Don Emilio Barzini.

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