A photo or the ring that the event is held in.

Bloodring is an event that is held at Hyman Memorial Stadium in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its an optional side-mission that the player cam complete at their desire. Completion of the mission is required for 100% Completion.


Upon entering the event, the player is put into a Bloodring Banger and is required to collect checkpoints around the track with out running out of time. The time that the player starts with is 30 seconds. The overall time that the player needs to reach to complete the mission is 1 minute. Each checkpoint that the player collects adds 15 seconds to the time. Once 1 minute is reached, the mission is complete and the player gets $1,000 as a reward.

Other Information

The make the challange more challenging, the player will be confronted by hostile drivers in Glendale-based Bloodring Bangers that will try to ram the player's car and hinder the player's progress. Certin competitors will also attempt to snatch the checkpoints.

Once the player's overall time is reached to 1 minute, an airhorn will sound indicating that the mission is over. The player will fail the mission if their car gets destroyed, or if the timer runs out.


The reward for completing Bloodring is $1,000.


  • Like the Hotring event, if a competitors car is destroyed, it will be replaced by a new one at the white grandstand.
  • The player is rewarded $100 if they destroy a competitors car.
  • If the player's car tips over on its roof, the car will be flipped to its upright position, the only optional side- mission where this can happen.