Boatyard 2

The Boatyard as it appears in GTA VC.

The Boatyard is a small boat manufacturing port located in Viceport, Vice City. The yard was formaly owned by Dwaine and Jethro until Tommy Vercetti purchased the business from them in 1986.

The yard itself made a major mission appearance in The Fastest Boat. Ricardo Diaz heard that the yard has built the fastest boat in the city that would make great use for Diaz's drug industry. Exception is that the yard actually built the boat for a local Coasta Rician gang, to which Diaz responds by sending Tommy Vercetti out to steal it from them. He succeeds and him and Lance Vance later use the boat to purchase a drug shipment from a seller in Vice Point.

After the completion of Shakedown in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the boatyard will be available for purchase. Tommy's gang will also start spawning at the yard. Purchase of the boatyard will also unlock two boats that the player can use, and the side mission Checkpoint Charlie.

The Boatyard appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but the garage wasn't accessible to the player.


GTA Vice City

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