Boomshine Saigon
Boomshine saigon 1
Tommy meeting with Phil at his home.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Phil's Place, Little Haiti


Phil Cassidy


Drive Phil to the military hospital before he dies.




Ability to purchases weapons from Phil's Place

Unlocked by:

Gun Runner

Cause(s) of mission failure:

Player Death, Death of Phil Cassidy, Being arrested by the VCPD

Boomshine Saigon is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Phil Cassidy from his home in Little Haiti, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti goes tho Phil's Place, where he meets up with a drunken Phil Cassidy. Phil wants to show off his boomshine bombs to him, but Tommy mentions to him that he's beginning to feel 'woozy'. After Phil presses the button on his detonator, the bombs fail to explode. Phil thinks that the detonator needs new batteries so he heads over to the fresh ones, which are sitting on a bench aby the bombs. After changing the batteries, Phil throws his arms up and his drunken motion sets off the trigger, blowing off his right arm. Phil knows that he's injured, but he just falls face to the ground, laughing; so drunk that he can't feel any pain.

Tommy then has no choice but to drive Phil in his Patriot while drunk, to a hospital. Upon arriving at the West Haven Community Healthcare Centre, Phil states that the hospital is full of police and Viet Cong, so he has Tommy drive him to an ex-army surgeon in Little Havana, as he owes Phil a favor.



The reward for completing Boomshine Saigon is $4,000. You can now purchase weapons from Phil's Place.


  • This is the only time that the player can be wanted by the police for driving drunk. If the player drives past a police officer or occupied police car, the player will gain a wanted level of one star.


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