The Brownstone Laundromat is an accessible laundromat that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located in northwest Little Havana, Vice City. The name of the business comes from the building's awning, although the "Brownstone" portion of the name is obsecured due to its position, leading to confusion that the business is simply refered to as "Laundromat".


The laundromat features an interior, complete with things that a real-life laundromat would have like washing machines, laundry hanging from racks, and a cashier's counter with a cashier working behind it. The laundromat is important in the game for two reasons; this is the location of the red tracksuit that the player can wear or use to get rid of wanted attention from local law enforcement, and its the location of one of the stores that the player can rob, which is required for 100% Completion. Also, there is a hidden package behind the counter.

The building is still being used as a laundromat in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but there is no evidence of any laundromat based inside.


  • On the awning of the laundromat, it bears a phone number that uses the fictional 555 area code: 555-7920.

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