Bus Stops are street features that are seen throughout a city in a Grand Theft Auto game.


Bus Stops are mostly used by Coaches to pick-up or drop-off passengers in a city, but can also be seen being used by Buses (GTA SA). Bus stops usually feature a sitting area for pedestrians who are waiting for a bus, or just feature a simple street sign.

If the player hijacks a Coach or a Bus, then stops the vehicle at a bus stop, pedestrians will board the bus and give the player $5. This is known as the Bus Driver mini-game.


  • The bus stops in GTA VC originally featured a sitting area for pedestrians in the beta version of the game. Although the feature was removed, the feature can still be seen on the game's files.
  • If the player looks closely with a sniper rifle at the red sign on the pole at the stop, the sign reads, "DON'T EVEN THINK OF PARKING HERE".

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