This is a page that lists information and rules about how to use this wiki correctly. Please read this before getting started to see the requirements for this wiki. It talks about creating pages, adding photos, proper use of language, proper grammer and punctuation usage and consequences for misusing this wiki.

Getting Started

A Wikia account is required. Sometimes an account isn't needed for editing or creating pages but it is need to add pictures to the wiki or a page. When creating an account, make sure you don't give out any information to anyone! Information that we're talking about is your password. Keep it to yourself! Also make sure that you pick a username that you can remember.

Now with your new wikia account, you can now add edits to locked pages. Also you can add stuff to other wikias and make changes to their pages around the network. We would first ask for permission before doing so.

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What to do if your Account gets hacked....

If your account gets hacked for some reason, log on and change your password. Now with the password changed, make sure to keep it to yourself.

Grammer and Punctuation

For this wiki, I wish for the proper use of grammer, punctuation and spelling. Its very hard and annoying read a sentence that looks like the one shown below:

"ToMMy VeRceti iS the pr0tagonist iN gRand TheFT: AouT: ViCe citY".

We would recomend that the sentence above looked like the one below:

"Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

If you have a hard time spelling words, use a dictionary or practice on Microsoft Word or Word Pad, as these programs have the spell checker that will help you out.


Proper use of language should be used most of the time while editing pages or creating pages. Foul language is ONLY allowed if it is written in a script from a mission or a side-mission. Don't use foul language all the time as the words will be deleated and changed.

Make sure that the typing is in English. Don't write articles in Spanish or French.


Adding New Pages

Adding new pages to the wiki is simple, and an account isn't required. When making a new page for the wiki make sure that it relates to what the wiki is talking about. Like for example, don't make a page about the NOOSE force from Grand Theft Auto IV or a character like Claude. We only accept pages that relates to Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Vice City Stories. Also if there is a page on the wiki that already exists, like for example, M16 or the mission Riot, don't make two pages about it.

Note that if you make a page, add a little information to it. If a blank page is found, it will be deleated.

To begin making a page, click the button "Add a Page" located on the home page or on the right side bar. Next name the article. After that, then begin to make that page.

Editing Articals

Editing articles allows you to make changes to the wording or pictures in an article. To edit a page, click the "Edit" button at the top of the article. Sometimes, there will be spelling mistakes or wording mistakes in articles, so when ever you come across something like this, make sure you change it up.

Some articles on the wiki may be locked to those who don't have an account. To be able to edit these kinds of pages, an account is required otherwise it will remain locked.

Adding Pictures

Rockstar logo

Rockstar Logo

Adding pictures is another way to make a page look more interesting. Again, when adding things to articles make sure it relates to the topic. To add pictures to a page, first click the "Edit" button at the top of an article. Next, under "Add features and media," look for a button named "Photo." Click on it to add a photo to a page.

After adding a photo, give it a description. Tell viewers what the picture is about.

Copyright Laws

Try not to copy information from other web sites. Try to tell everything in your own words. Its OK to look up information but we would like to see it in your own words. Remember the copyright laws!


Good behavior needs to be seen while using the chat section or anything that involves chating with other people. Harrassing or threating someone and vandalizing pages on this wiki will result in your profile being banned from this wiki. The first time that your caught, you will be warned. If you have to be warned more than once your profile will be bocked from this site, or will result in permanent ban.

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HAVE FUN AND STAY SAFE- Rockstar Games' GTA Vice City Wiki :)

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