Warning sign Be warned that using cheats may cause unintended side effects, disable achievements, and/or hinder game progress. Use cheats at your own risk.

Cheats are devices that allow the player to do different things in a Grand Theft Auto game that you couldn't normally do while playing the game, such as spawning vehicles or other things.


It should be advised, due to the nature of cheats, they should be used at your own risk. Before entering codes, its advised to create a back-up file of your game, as cheats have a high risk of making adverse effects on your saved file, such as corruption. One should be aware, that most cheats can be de-activated by entering in the code again, but some cheats can't, reguardless of how many times you type that cheat in. Also, in some Grand Theft Auto games, using cheats degrade the player's criminal rating.

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