Cherry popper logo 1

Logo as of 1986.

The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory is an ice cream business that is located in Little Havana, Vice City. The factory made appearances in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. As of 1986, the business is owned by Tommy Vercetti. The name "Cherry Popper" is a pun on a girl's first sexual experience (loss of virginity.) The two mounds of ice cream on top of the building resembles a pair of women's breasts.


The business was founded and owned by Maude Hanson, a strict elderly women that is deaply known to hate children. The Vice City Police Department is known to have investigated her and her business since she established it. They described Maude as a 'sychopath', despite the fact that she used to run a children's home.

Tommy Vercetti purchased the factory from her in 1986, believing at first to be an actual ice cream factory. She reveals that the factory is actually a 'front' for selling drugs, which continues under Tommy's ownership. He then begins to sell drugs by using the company's trucks, which will earn him a maximum of $3,000 after completing 50 deals.

The factory still exists in 1984, but isn't owned by anybody. The factory still sports it's blue exterior color, which probably means that the factory hasn't been repainted yet.



  • The Cherry Popper's save point is known to corrupt save files. It's best not to save here.

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