Cholo Sabre
Cholo sabre 1
Vehicle type: Gang vehicle
Body style: Sports vehicle
Capacity 2 (one driver and one passenger)
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The Cholo Sabre is a two-door coupe car that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The car is a variant of the Sabre and the Sabre Turbo cars, serving as a gang car of the Cholos gang. It is distinguishable from traffic by its wire rims, yellow body color, white stripe, and lower ground clearance. However, the vehicle has poor handling than the Sabre and the Sabre Turbo, making the car a poor choice to execute emergency-brake corners.

The Cholo Sabre can be found in Little Haiti, Vice City prior the the mission "Havana Good Time", in which the Cholos were forced out of Vice City. After this mission, the Cholo Sabre can occasionally be found driving around Little Haiti.


GTA Vice City Stories

  • Found driving around Little Haiti by Cholo gang members (after the mission "Havana Good Time" is completed, the car will be uncommon)

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