The Cholo Warehouse is a warehouse located near the Le Singe d'Arbre in Little Haiti, Vice City. The building was used by the Cholos gang in 1984 to store their weapons. The building is only present in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In 1986, the building is absent and a police bribe is present in the spot.

As of the mission Cleaning House, the Cholos are in wars with arms dealer Phil Cassidy, , local redneck Marty Jay Williams, and Los Cabrones leader Umberto Robina. However, Robina is more effected as he lives in Little Havana, which the Cholos are trying to take control of. The Cholos attempted to kill Umberto's father, but were stopped by Victor Vance. After this, Umberto decides to finish off the Cholos by destroying their warehouse, leaving the building in ruins. Because of this, the Cholos hardly appear in Little Haiti.

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