Cholos 3
Location: Little Haiti
Leader: unknown
Gang Type: Street Gang
Enemies: Los Cabrones
Trailer Park Mafia
Victor Vance
Main Affiliation: none
Colors: Grey and Yellow
Vehicles: Cholo Sabre
Weapons: Pistol
Baseball Bat
Businesses: Protection
Loan sharking
Gun running
Drug dealing
Fronts: Cholo Warehouse
Members: Decjuan DeMarco

The Cholos is a Mexican street gang that is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. They are based in Little Haiti and some areas in Little Havana. Their leader is unknown and they are involved in a turf war with the Los Cabrones/Cubans, Trailer Park Mafia, the Bikers and arms dealer Phil Cassidy.

Their control over Little Havan begans to be threatened sometime in 1984, when the Cubans arrive, which sparks a deadly turf war for complete control of the neighborhood. Afterwords, they were hired by Jerry Martinez to wreak havoc in the streets of Little Havana, but were failed by Victor Vance. Next, they attempted to kill Alberto Robina, the father of Umberto Robina, but failed again. Afterwords, in revenge, Umberto launches an all-out attack on the Cholos, which leads to their defeat.

After the Cubans win the turf war, the Cholos have almost been whiped out, but they can still be seen driving around on the streets of Little Haiti. However, their businesses will either be up for sale, damaged, or seized by the Bikers. In 1986, the Haitians have seized control of Little Haiti. The Cholos may have left Vice City for San Andreas to join the Los Santos Vegos, as one Cholo can be heard saying "I'm going to go see my cousin in San Andreas."

Cholo gangsters can be seen wearing grey headbands, white tank tops, chino trousers, and black shoes. They are also lightly armed with pistols and baseball bats.


  • The Cholos are openly hostile towards Victor Vance, even before he blows up their warehouse. This is probably a result of the mission "O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?".
  • The Cholos don't have any affiliation with any other gang, they only have enemies.
  • The term "Cholo" is a Mexican term meaning "street gangster" in English.


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