Chunder wheel 1

A view of the Chunder Wheel in GTA VC.

The Chunder Wheel is a ferris wheel that appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The wheel is located in Washington Beach, Vice City in a small amusement park and is accessible to the player. The wheel was removed before the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as well as the amusement park. The fate of the ferris wheel is unknown, but all that is known is that Avery Carrington bought out the site, demolished it, and is using the land to build either an office building or a condominium


  • A glitch occurs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories that doesn't make the cabins exist at all.
  • Chunder means to vomit, stating that a lot of people vomit after riding the wheel.
  • The Chunder Wheel may be a referance to The Wonder Wheel, a real-life ferris wheel located in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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