Collar & Cuffs is
Collar and cuffs 1

Tommy Vercetti standing in front of Collar & Cuffs while wearing the Mr. Vercetti Outfit.

a clothing store that appears in 1986, the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The store is located on Washington Avenue, next the the Washington Avenue Parking Lot and an unnamed underground shopping mall. The store is located up the street from the Pole Position Club, Ocean Heights Apartment, Apartment 3c, and Rafael's. After Tommy Vercetti purchases the Pole Position Club and completes Shakedown, the Mr. Vercetti Outfit pickup will appear on the door step of the store. The building is inaccessible to the player but can be entered with the use of modifications.

The store appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but is unnamed, probably indicating that Collar & Cuffs hasn't come to Vice City yet.&nbsp

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