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This is the script for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories mission D.I.V.O.R.C.E..


Mary Jo- Cassidy: Who - Who the fuck are you?

Victor Vance: Where's Louise?

Mary Jo-Cassidy: What? He took her - that animal took her! He's gonna do something wicked to her!

Victor Vance: Wait, who took her? And who are you?

Mary Jo Cassidy: Mary Jo, her sister...who are you?

Victor Vance: Vic...a friend.

Mary Jo Cassidy:''s nice to meet you - I've heard a lot about you...

Victor Vance: Who took her?

Mary Jo Cassidy: That monster Marty. He said he's gonna turn her out...

Victor Vance: Jesus. His own wife.

Mary Jo-Cassidy: Yeah, yeah, but he said he was gonna turn me out too! I promise you he did!

(The Trailer Park, Victor, Marty, Louise and a Redneck)

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I ain't gonna be your whore Marty!

Marty Jay Williams: You've been whoring yourself on that Vic! Don't you deny it! Well if you're gonna act like a whore - you're gonna be one! Get in that truck!

(The truck speeds towards Vic, But Vic dodges the blow)

Victor Vance: SHIT!

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Vic! Help!

(Some of Marty's men arrive)

Trailer Park Mafia gang member: You looking for trouble...Vince?

(Marty's Truck, Vic and Louise)

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I can't believe you killed him! How am I gonna look after my baby now!

Victor Vance: You what? Marty was an asshole! He treated you worse than shit.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: I'm sorry...I just...Hey, look...Mart's kin are gonna be after you now. We better get you some place safe.

(The Safehouse, Victor and Louise)

Victor Vance: Look, you and Mary Beth are gonna be better off without Marty, you know?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Are we? it's just everything's changing so fast...

Victor Vance: Everything's gonna be fine...

Louise Cassidy-Williams: You're okay, Vic Vance...

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