A DeadDodo is
Deaddodo 2

A DeadDodo in GTA Vice City.

a full-winged NPC controlled aircraft that flies high above the ground in a city that the player is in. It appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


In GTA III and GTA Vice City, the plane isn't controllable and can't be obtained by the player. The plane isn't solid so the player can fly right through it and will always appear to have a red and white paint job. The Dodo's in Vice City will also appear to have a banner attached behind it advertising a page from from Vice City News. In other versions of the game, the Dodos will have banners saying "Zombie Elvis Found!" or about the Vice City SWAT retirement fund.

The plane isn't solid to weapons so the player can attack the plane with any weapon. The plane can be easily destroyed by using rockets from a rocket launcher or a Hunter. However, the player will instantly gain a three-star wanted level after the rockets hit the plane which can sometimes turn into a four-star wanted level upon explosion.

Flight Paths

Like the Airtrain, the plane follows on a flight path which can found on the game's disc. The flight paths are listed below.

Model DAT Files
Deaddodo Flight2.DAT
Deaddodo (S.A.M.) Flight3.DAT
Deaddodo (A Drop in the Ocean) Flight4.DAT


  • The DeadDodo shares the same in-game name as the Dodo.
  • If the player enters in the Destroy all Cars cheat, it won't affect the plane.
  • The licence number of the plane Y-ME369 is a pun of "Why Me", probably a saying to the player why they're targeting the plane. The number 69 within the entire number is a joke used throughout GTA games.


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