Demolition Man
The building being destroyed by the bombs.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Avery's construction site, Vice Point


Avery Carrington


Place all four bombs around the building before the timer runs out.




Two Bit Hit

Cause(s) of mission failure:

Run out of time, destruction of the RC Goblin

Demolition Man is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Avery Carrington from his construction site in Vice Point, Vice City.


Avery is looking at some prime development land located up the road just south of his construction site. Problem is, the site is already occupied by a building that is under construction. Also, Avery has to go out of town for a while, so he asks Tommy to destroy the building while he is gone. Tommy accepts and heads down the road a little ways to a Top Fun van, containing an RC Goblin with bombs, parked in an empty lot across from the building. He uses the copter to drop bombs in various places through out the construction site while dodging construction workers and security guards. After placing the last bomb, the bombs explode and damage the structure.


Avery Carrington: Now look here, son. I got a problem and I reckon you could help me with it.

Tommy Vercetti: I'm no builder.

Avery Carrington: No, I was thinking more of your demolition skills. Now this here, this is the development as planned and this, this is the property we're looking at.

Tommy Vercetti: You're trying to say that this new office block is kind of in the way.

Avery Carrington: You catch on quick. Now I'm going to head out of town for a while and if that office development were to face sudden and insurmountable structural problems, then I...

Tommy Vercetti: As a civil minded individual you'd feel obliged to step up and save the rejuvenation of an important area of the city?

Avery Carrington: Where can I get more guys like you?



The reward for completing Demolition Man is $1,000. The mission Two Bit Hit for Avery Carrington is now unlocked.


  • The name of this mission is a referance to the 1993 action movie of the same name.
  • This is the only time that the player will be able to fly a unique red colored RC Goblin.
  • This is one of the most hardest missions in whole series.


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