A shot of the building being destroyed in the mission.

This is a walkthrough on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Demolition Man.


After the cutscene plays, you are first given this instruction;

  • Get to the TOPFUN van near the building site to be demolished.

While standing on the sidewalk, head to your left to find the van. The van will have a large pink arrow hanging above it. Once the reach the van, enter it and the game will give you your next set of instructions.

  • Use the RC helicopter to transport bomb to four demolition points on the building site.
  • You must place one bomb at each target.
  • You can place the bombs in any order.
  • To pick up a bomb, simply maneuver the RC helicopter next to it. The RC helicopter can carry one bomb at a time.
  • To drop a bomb, press the O button (PS2, or the button that you use to attack on the PC version).
  • If you place a bomb unsuccessfully, you can pick it up and try again.
  • Once you have picked up the first bomb, the demolition timer will start.
  • You must then place the remaining bombs in 7 minutes!
  • A central stairway allows access to all the floors of the building.

Pick up the bombs and place them at various points around the building. You have only 7 minutes to do so. Note that there will be construction workers and security guards that will try to destroy your helicopter. If they begin to annoy you, just simply fly into them to kill them. Avoid flying into walls or objects, as it will damage the helicopter. If you destroy the helicopter, you will fail the mission.



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