Diaz' Gang
Diaz gang 2
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Location: Diaz' Mansion, Starfish Island
Leader: Ricardo Diaz
Gang Type: Drug Cartel
Enemies: Haitians
Gonzalez' Crew
Main Affiliation: Cubans
Gonzalez' Crew
Colors: Red
Vehicles: Admiral
Weapons: Pistol
Businesses: Drugs trade
Fronts: Diaz' Mansion
Members: Ricardo Diaz (leader)
Beau Nurr

Diaz's Gang is a street gang appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Background Information

The gang is headed by Ricardo Diaz, a drug baron who uses them as his protection and for ambushing certin drug deals that take place throughout Vice City. The last know deal to be ambushed by them was the deal between the Vance Crime Family and Liberty City's Forelli Family.


In 1984, Diaz's crew was a major rival to the them-most powerful drug barons, the Mendez Cartel. Diaz's enlists the help of the Vance brothers leader, Victor Vance, who works for Diaz's crew and Diaz himself to eliminate Diego and Armando Mendez, the leaders of the Mendez cartel.


The gang remains in power for the first half of the game, until Tommy Vercetti takes out their leader and takes over the drug business. When Colonel Juan Cortez arranged a drug deal between the Vance Crime Family and the Forelli Family, the information was leaked out to Diaz by Gonzalez, who informs Diaz about the deal that would later be seen as a competition to his narcotics empire. Diaz decides to hire hitmen to ambush the deal, involving the deaths of Harry, Lee (Forelli Family members) and Victor Vance, and claiming both the drugs and the money for himself. Tommy, Lance Vance (who flew Victor to the deal), and Ken Rosenberg escape unharmed. Because of this, Tommy is forced to start all over with no money.

Later on in the game, the gang goes along with Diaz to provide protection for him between a deal between him and the Cubans. Tommy and Lance later go along and help provide protection for the deal. The Haitians later show up and try to ambush the deal. Diaz, his gangsters, Tommy and Lance all fight them off, eliminating the Haitian's plans.

After Lance attempts to kill Diaz himself, he gets captured and tourtured at the Junkyard. Tommy later rescues him and the two seek revenge.

They appear in Rub Out holding Uzi's, protecting Diaz from an armed Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance who has entered the mansion's gardens with M4s. They try to fight them off, but they are killed along with Diaz himself. Prior to Diaz's death, the gangs power was toppled by Tommy and taken over by the Vercetti's, resulting in them fleeing Vice City to Liberty City. They may have joined the Columbian Cartel, as the gangs resemble each other.

Mission Appearances

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