This is the script for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Dildo Dodo.


(InterGlobal Films, Tommy Vercetti, Steve Scott)

Tommy Vercetti: How's filming going, Steve?

Steve Scott: Well, Candy is a natural and that new girl - she's insatiable! She went through half the cast and crew before I even took a light reading. Anyway, hey, tomorrow we're going on location to shoot the boat scenes.

Tommy Vercetti: Boat scenes?! What boat scenes?!

Steve Scott: The fishermen are the throes of passion when this giant shark comes in.

Tommy Vercetti: What'd I say about the giant shark?

Steve Scott: Oh, boy.

Tommy Vercetti: I said, "NO GIANT SHARK", alright? Just keep the cameras pointed at the poontang!

Steve Scott: Ok ok, hey Tommy, a guy's gotta try, right?

Tommy Vercetti: Get those flyers printed up?

Steve Scott: Yeah, but nobody's gonna let us distribute those things, I mean they're just too, uh, they're unimaginative.

Tommy Vercetti: You don't worry about that. I've got my own ideas of distribution.

Steve Scott: OK. Hey, Candy, uh - in my trailer.

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