Dispensary 1

Outside view of the Dispensary store in Vice Point,

The Dispensary is a small chain of pharmacies and drug stores that are featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


There are two Dispensaries located in Vice City; one in Vice Point close to the North Point Mall and another in Downtown, located close to The Well Stacked Pizza.

Both stores feature an interior that is furnished with store shelves stacked with drugs and medication as well as the perscription counter and the cashier's counter. The store also features windows that can't be broken by gunfire. Killing the store clerk will give the player a wanted level, even if there are no officers present around the store. Both stores feature the store's sign in green lettering, inside and out of the store although the store in Downtown doesn't feature a sign outside the store.

Dispensary interior 1

A view of the interior of a Dispensary store. Both stores in the city use the same interior design.

Like other health related businesses in the city, the store features a health pickup and a Adrenaline pill pickup. The pickups are located inside the store in the aisles and will cost the player a sum of money to use; health pickup is $20 and the Adrenaline pill is $10. For this reason, the Dispensaries are comparable to the Ryton Aide store in Little Haiti, which offers the same pickups for the same amount of money.

Both Dispensary stores can be robbed by the player, which is needed to be done to reach 100% Completion in GTA Vice City.

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