Downtown ammunation

Downtown Ammu-Nation in GTA Vice City

Downtown Ammu-Nation is a weapon shop located in Downtown, Vice City. This is the only Ammu-Nation located on the Vice City mainland.

Types of Weapons it sells

Unlike the other two Ammu-Nations in the city, this one sells heavier and bigger weapons. These weapons are Colt Python/.357, MP5, Spaz Shotgun, M4, PSG-1, and Body Armor.


Prices for weapons at this shop range from $2,000 to $6,000.

Colt Python/ .357 $2,000
MP5/MP $3,000
Spaz Shotgun/ S.P.A.S. 12 $4,000
M4 $5,000
PSG-1/.308 $6,000
Body Armor $500

Shooting Range

Shooting range

Rifle Range in GTA Vice City

This Ammu-Nation is the only Ammu-Nation in Vice City has a shooting range. The shooting range (also called the Rifle Range in GTA VC) is only available for the player to use after the mission The Shootist. Using the shooting range again after the mission is complete is required for 100% Completion.

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