El Banco Corrupto Grande
Little havana bank 1

Outside of the bank in GTA Vice City.

is a bank that only appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, located in Little Havana, Vice City. The name is Spanish for "The Big Corrupt Bank" meaning that the bank is illegitimate. The bank is accessible to the player during and after completing the mission The Job. The bank also houses offices in the back, which are restricted to the player. If the player enters the area, the player will recieve a four-star wanted level.

The Job

The bank only makes a major appearance during the mission The Job. Tommy Vercetti, Cam Jones, Hilary King, and Phil Cassidy robbed the bank of $100,000. The money was the SWAT's "retirement funds", bribes that were taken years ago and stored at the bank. When the alarm sounded at the bank, the SWAT surrounded the bank and attempted to stop the robbery. Tommy and Phil managed to escape from the bank with King (and optionally Jones) resulted as casualities.


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