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Escobar International in GTA Vice City

Escobar International Airport, also known as VCI, Vice City International or Escobar International, is an airport that is featured in the district of the same name in Vice City. It appeared in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Structure and Layout

Escobar terminal 2

Escobar International's main terminal.

Escobar International consists of three terminals, one located north of the main terminal, the main terminal in the center of the airport, and one located southeast. The main terminal is accesible to the player in both games and can explore it's interior. At the main enterance of the teminal, their are metal detectors that will strip the player of all their weapons, including brass knuckles and melee weapons. However, the player can jump over the detectors if the player parks a car at the detectors.

The third terminal is a Fright and Cargo Terminal. In 1984, the setting of Vice City Stories, the terminal doesn't exist. The airport also has a V.I.P. terminal as well as a carpark next to the Vice City Transport Police headquarters.

Tarmac Area

The tarmac area is largely non-interactive. The tarmac is occupied by non-interactive passenger planes. However the player can see passanger planes taking off and landing at the airport but are inaccessible to the player in GTA Vice City. For some reason in GTA Vice City Stories due to a bug, the planes can be entered but not controlled. The only thing controllable on the plane is the radio stations that the player can change. Also if the player enters the tarmac area, the player will see pedestrians driving vehicles all around the tarmac area. In both games, security guards can be seen patroling the area on Baggage Handlers and on foot.

The airport isn't based off any airport in real-life although the logo of the airport is based off of MIA's logo. The airpot is located on it's own peninsula in the southwestern part of Vice City.



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