Gangburrito front

Gang Burrito in GTA Vice City.

A Gang Burrito is a vehicle that appears only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The vehicle is used by the Streetwannabes gang in Vice City.


The vehicle itself is a modifed version of a Burrito. The vehicle features two-tone red and grey paint job with graffiti on the side panels, and a heightened spoiler. The vehicle also features a different grille design than that of the Burrito and features side exaust pipes. Sometimes the vehicle has a teddy bear mounted on the grille of the vehicle or in the middle of the roof-mounted lights. The bears can either has just a regular face or a skull for a face. The engine has the same sound as the Infernus and the Deluxo. Its preformance is the same of a regular Burrito, but with improved speed.

The Gang Burrito is also the second generation gang vehicle for the Streetwannabes. The vehicle replaced the Gang Rancher that the gang used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


GTA Vice City

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