Gonzalez' Crew


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



Gang Type:

Drug Cartel


Streetwannabes, Diaz' Gang


Cortez Crew, Diaz' Gang




AR-15, UZI


Drug Dealing

Gonzalez' Crew is a gang that is based in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. They are headed by Gonzalez.

A man named Reni Wassulmaier introduces Victor Vance to Gonzalez and his crew. Victor flies Gonzalez' helicopter to protect his boat and later playes a game of golf with him. He tells Victor that if he can play golf well enough then they will work together. Victor ends up getting a perfect shot and becomes allies with Gonzalez. Victor later goes to Gonzalez' apartment and Gonzalez says that he cut his boss Colonel Juan Cortez cocaine to make a small profit and tells him that the drugs are locked up in Ocean Beach and wants Victor to take it to a deal in Washington Beach. After a botched deal, the business relationship between the two ends.

Ricardo Diaz has Victor and Lance Vance steal some drugs from Gonzalez' crew and bring it back to his estate on Starfish Island. In revenge, Gonzalez' crew attempt to ambush a deal between Victor and the DEA, but were unsuccessful in doing so. In response, Diaz captures Gonzalez and they work things out. Diaz has Gonzalez tell him about Cortez' upcoming deals and will allow Gonzalez to live and keep his guns.

The crew is seen blocking the enterances to the main terminal of Escobar International Airport while fighting off the Streetwannabes, who are trying to attack Gonzalez and his shipment of guns until Gonzalez takes off safely from the airport.

The crew isn't seen at all in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Instead of Gonzalez having his crew protect him, he is being protected by Diaz' men as seen in Treacherous Swine, when Gonzalez gets killed by Tommy Vercetti.

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