Guardian Angels
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Ocean Bay Marina, Ocean Beach
For: Juan Garcia Cortez
Target: Protect Ricardo Diaz
Reward: $1,000
Unlocks: The Chase
Unlocked by: Mall Shootout
Mission failure: Player Death
Death of Lance Vance
Death of Ricardo Diaz

Guardian Angels is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Juan Garcia Cortez from his yacht docked at the Ocean Bay Marina in Ocean Beach, Vice City.


After stealing the guidance chips from the previous mission, Tommy meets up with Cortez again at his yacht. Cortez tells Tommy that drug baron Ricardo Diaz is looking for some protection for a drug deal he's making with the Cubans. Cortez tells Tommy to head to the multi-story carpark in Ocean Beach and pick up a weapon he has left for the job. After collecting the weapon, he meets Lance Vance for the second time, which Lance accompanies Vercetti to help him instead of tailing him everywhere.

The two drive to an alley in Washington Beach where they meet up with Diaz and his men. Tommy informs to Diaz that he's looking for more gainful employment before him and Lance take their positions at the top of some staircases. The Cubans arrive but is interrupted when the Haitians arrive in their cars and open fire on Diaz and the Cubans. After fighting off most of the Haitians, two other Haitian gangsters drive by on dirt bikes and grab the money from Diaz. Lance manages to kill one of them, but the other manages to escape, but is chased and killed by Tommy. He then collects the briefcase and brings it back to Diaz, who thanks Tommy before leaving in his car.



The reward for completing Guardian Angels is $1,000. Starfish Island is now unlocked as well as the mission The Chase. Also, the Ruger is now available for purchase at the Ammu-Nation in Ocean Beach for $1,000.


  • In this mission, Diaz drives a unique bullet-proof, damage-proof, fire-proof, explosion-proof, and pop-proof Admiral. The player can obtain the car by failing the mission (killing Diaz or Lance, or letting the Haitian gangster escape with Diaz's money). Also, the Admiral has a unique shade of light grey.
  • The Cuban Hermes and Voodoo that spawn next to the player after completing the mission both have pop-proof tires. However, if the player leaves the alleyway, the cars will disappear.
  • Once the player passes this mission, a Sanchez with improved handling will spawn behind the Cuban Hermes and Voodoo. Just like these two cars, the bike will disappear if the player leaves the alleyway.
  • If the player kills Diaz's men before the Cubans arrive, the player will fail the mission. Killing Diaz's men during the gun fight between the Haitians will not affect the mission.
  • The player can choose to fight from the staircase or fight from ground level.
  • The name of this mission is based on the real life Guardian Angels.

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