This is a script on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Guardian Angels.


(Cortez's yacht. Tommy Vercetti and Colonel Cortez)

Juan Cortez: Thomas, I apprieciate your coming. Forgive me for getting straight to business. Diaz has asked me to oversee a minor business transaction.

Tommy Vercetti: Let's hope it goes better than last time, huh?

Juan Cortez: Which is why I thought of you, my friend. I've dropped some protection at the multi-story car park. Pick it up - then go watch over Diaz's men at the drop off. Gracias, amigo. (VC Marina, Tommy Vercetti)

Tommy Vercetti: Diaz, huh? Apparently that angry midget runs this mad house. Let's see what that creep has to do with things. (Multistory car park, Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.)

Lance Vance: Hogging all the action, I see...

Tommy Vercetti: Look, you wanna do something other than just shadowing me everywhere? Why don't you come along and show me if you're any use.

Lance Vance: I might just do that. The name's Lance, by the way.

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti, let's go...

(Alley, Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: You must be Cortez's new gun.

Tommy Vercetti: Until more gainful opportunities arise. They'll be here any minute - we both better get a good vantage point...

Lance Vance: OK, I'll take the balcony. You get the roof across the yard.

(If Tommy shoots at the first Haitian Voodoo.)

Haitian: Sheeitt

(If Ricardo Diaz takes out some Haitians)

Ricardo Diaz: Those Haitians think they can take on RICARDO DIAZ!!

(If Tommy Vercetti destroys a car.)

Lance Vance: Damn!!

Tommy Vercetti: I got you covered!

(If Lance Vance gets attacked by a Haitian)

Lance Vance: Hey Tommy, I need some help up here!

(Two Haitians on yellow Sanchezes steal the money.)

Ricardo Diaz: MY MONEY! Don't just stand there you pricks, chase the Haitian dickhead down!

Lance Vance: Tommy! I'll stay here and watch over Diaz.

(Alley, Tommy Vercetti and Ricardo Diaz)

Ricardo Diaz: I live! Dickheads! And it's all down to you! What is your name?

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy.

Ricardo Diaz: I see you soon amigo, I think.

Tommy Vercetti: Shit, where's that guy Lance?

Post mission phone call

Ricardo Diaz: Tommy, is Ricardo Diaz. I want to thank you for looking out for me my man. I ask that prick Cortez, he say you the real deal, my friend, why you not come see me. I need a guy like you. All I have now is dickheads, dickheads everywhere, yo. I make you real rich.

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