Gun Runner is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by arms dealer Phil Cassidy from his home in Little Haiti, Vice City.


After sucessfully pulling off the bank heist earlier, Phil gives Tommy a call, telling him that he wants to work with him more. Tommy arrives at Phil's Place in Little Haiti and discovers that Phil is tampering with boomshine, which he detonates and destroys a truck. After works, he tells Vercetti about a Mexican arms dealer Pedro Garcia, who does his weekly run at that time. However, in order to retrieve the weapons, Vercetti will need to ram them off the back of the trucks, then destroy the trucks afterwords. Vercetti heads out, locates the four trucks, and collects the weapons (a Python, SPAS 12, M-60, and a MAC-10) and then destroys the trucks while being pursued by other gun runners.



The reward for completing Gun Runner is $2,000, plus an extra $100 if the player kills a Faggio driver. The mission Boomshine Saigon for Phil Cassidy is now unlocked.


  • The Waltons that the player must chase down and destroy all have a unique white paint job. The player can obtain one of these Waltons by saving it in a garage.
  • The Walton that is seen in the cutscene features a unique light blue paint job and different rims. However, the truck isn't obtainable.
  • The player will get a $100 bonus for every Faggio driver he/she kills.

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