Trojan voodoo 1

The factory shortly after the explosion during Trojan Voodoo

Haitian Drug Factory is a drug manufacturing plant located in Little Haiti, Vice City. The factory is owned by Auntie Poulet and is runned by the Haitians. In 1986, it was destroyed by the Cubans, aided by Tommy Vercetti.


The factory is rectangular in shape. Its also accessible to the player. It has green-blue windows surounding the top with a large orange-brown trim around the doorway. Inside, the factory is poorly lit and it has two stories.

After the destruction, the top of the factory and its roof is gone. There are also large holes in the walls as well as debris laying everywhere.


The factory in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories was a store called the King Knuts store. Its inaccessible to the player. Also a red balloon can be found in a corner of the building.

Around 1986, its first mentioned and seen when Umberto Robina has Tommy help his gangsters steal a van full of drugs from the factory and drive it the the cafe. It last appears in missions when Umberto sends Tommy and Pepe to destroy the factory using the drugs as an explosive. After the mission, the factory will always appear to be torn apart.


After Trojan Voodoo, a Minigun will appear sitting on the northeast corner of the factory.

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