The Haitian Gang Lord is a minor character that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is a high ranking member of the Haitian gang. He only appears during the mission Two Bit Hit.

Character Background

Since the Haitians came to Vice City, they have been stealing the Cubans' businesses with their drug production business. To extract revenge, the Cubans head out and murdered the first gang lord of the Haitian gang. The Haitians, however, are unaware who murdered the gang lord. Avery Carrington later meets with Tommy Vercetti at his construction site and mentions that the Cubans did it. Since the gang doesn't know who murdered the gang lord, he tells Tommy to head over to the funeral, dress up as a Cuban gangster, and murder the new gang lord to start a gang war between the two gangs.

After arriving at the funeral, the gang lord sees Tommy and drives off in a hearse carrying the old gang lord's casket. He tracks the ganster down and kills him. After his death, the Haitians declare war against the Cubans.


He appears as a Haitian gangster model that appears on the street. He can be seen wearing a white hat, blue shirt with the word "RELAX" on the front, white pants and shoes. His primary weapon is the M16.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City