Harwood Killings
Location: Harwood, Liberty City
Date: 1971
Result: 11 men dead, perpatrator Tommy Vercetti arrested by the LCPD.

The Harwood Killings was an event that took place in Harwood, Liberty City in 1971. The event left eleven men dead.

In 1971, Tommy Vercetti was working as a hitman and a mobster for the Forelli Family. Leader of the family, Sonny Forelli, set up an ambush for Vercetti to kill only one man. Instead, upon arriving at the deal, eleven men ambush Vercetti, leading to him killing all eleven attackers. Vercetti was arrested by the Liberty City Police Department, and charged with eleven counts of first degree murder. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison and released in 1986.

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