Hilary King
Hilary king 1
GTA Vice City artwork of Hilary King


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City



Date of Death:

1986, Vice City



Main Affiliation:

Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones


Sabre Turbo

Voiced by:

Charles Tucker

Hilary King is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He was voiced by Charles Tucker.


Character Background

According to the Vice City Police Department, he was raised in a stable home. Hilary is known to be a compulsive eater, neurotic and a higly dependent driver who worked with Phil Cassidy and Cam Jones. Phil mentions that Hilary is also known to have abandonment issues.


Hilary king 2

Hilary King as he appears in GTA Vice City.

Hilary meets Tommy Vercetti when Phil calls him about Tommy needing a driver for the bank job that they are planning. Phil tells Tommy about his problem and Hilary wants to race Tommy before accepting to be his driver. Tommy beats him and Hilary begins to work with him.

After robbing the bank, Hilary shows up late to pick up Phil, Cam, and Tommy. He arrives and provides cover for them from the SWAT, who have surrounded the bank. He gets gunned down by the police and the group get a clean escape back to Cam's house.

VCPD Crime Tree Record

  • Expert driver believed to have worked with Cam Jones and Phil Cassidy.
  • Neurotic.
  • Compulsive eater.
  • Psychological profiling reveals obsession with abandonment issues.
  • Ginger.
  • Hilary comes from a stable family background.

Mission Appearances


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