Hog tied screenshot

A screenshot of Hog Tied in GTA Vice City.

This is a walkthrough for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Hog Tied.


In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  1. Get to the area where the bike is being held in
  2. Retreive Baker's bike
  3. Get the bike back to the Greasy Chopper

Note that mission can be difficult, as there is a lot of gangsters that will be chasing after you. Note that if you destroy the bike, then the mission will be failed.


After the cutscene ends, find a bike. A PCJ-600 would be the best or a Sanchez. Head down the road going past the police station. Speed down the road and you will see a staircase to your right. Turn onto the starcase and use it as a jump. Once on top of the AmmuNation, begin shooting at the gangsters (shoot them till they are all dead.) Then get on the bike and drive back to the Greasy Chopper. Note that as your driving, there will be gangsters driving Gang Burritos ans will attempt to ram you off the bike. You can choose to either fight them off or drive to the Greasy Chopper. Once you reach the Greasy Chopper, drive into the pink marker and the mission will be completed after the cutscene.

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