An Infernus from GTA VC.

An Infernus is a sports car in the Grand Theft Auto series. The car has appeared in every GTA game since Grand Theft Auto III.


The car first appeared in Grand Theft Auto III, then later appearing in later games. The car possesses good handeling and speed, moderate traction, and is prone to tip over if the car hits a steep incline, making it a second choice of vehicle to use in missions.

GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories

Infernus 6

An Infernus from GTA VCS.

n both games, the Infernus is based off of a 1980's Lamborghini Countach LP500, lacking the scissor doors. The car features buldging headlights and rounded taillights. Unlike other vehicles, the car can only be painted red, blue, and yellow.

During the development of GTA Vice City, early screenshots showed that the car had a closer design to a Countach LP500. The car featured a sleeker and a more angled front, blocky taillights and a hightened spoiler.

White Infernus

In GTA Vice City, Lance Vance owns a unique, white colored Infernus. The car first appeared after Tommy Vercetti killed Leo Teal in an alley then appeared during the mission Guardian Angels. After Tommy kills Ricardo Diaz at the mansion, the car will then start spawning in front of the mansion, making the car obtainable for the rest of the game. Even though the car features a different paint job, the car still features the same handling and speed of a normal colored Infernus.


GTA Vice City

  • Before Rub Out is completed, one spawns in front of the Vercetti Estate in random colors. After the mission is completed, a white one will always spawn on the grounds.
  • One spawns on a platform in the North Point Mall as part of the mall's raffle ticket competition. The competition can't be entered but the player can steal the car. Also, the car can't leave the mall as there are no doors wide enough for a car.
  • Can be found driving around Starfish Island, Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, and Vice Point.

GTA Vice City Stories


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