InterGlobal Films is
Interglobal 3

The film studio as it appears in GTA VC.

a film studio that appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. As of 1986, the studio is owned by Tommy Vercetti.


The studio is located on Prawn Island, Vice City. In 1986, it serves as a pornographic film studio for pornographic film director Steve Scott. In 1984, the studio is under management of Reni Wassulmaier, who used the studio for creating "edgy" pop music videos and filming commercials before leaving Vice City to produce pornography in Europe.

Despite the fact that the studio is related to pornography, the studio in both games seems to be relatively unrelated to pornography as the studio has movie sets featuring battleships, a moon landing with an American flag (a referance to the conspiracy theories that the American moon landings were fake), and a mockup of a Liberty City street scene. In the GTA Vice City Stories rendition of the studio, sets for a gothic scenery and a spaceship can be seen.

In GTA Vice City Stories, the side mission "Crash!" can be accessed by entering a Coach, which is found parked inside the studio.

Asset Missions


This section only lists the films that were mentioned in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories.




  • In GTA Vice City, there are gas pump props that are located in the studio will explode if shot at.
  • This is the only spawning point for a Coach in GTA Vice City Stories.
  • A dialog in GTA Vice City suggests that Tommy Vercetti was going to get another phone call from Steve Scott, possibly with another mission. It was cut for unknown reasons.


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