Janet vance 1

Janet Vance as she appears in GTA Vice City Stories.

Janet Vance is the mother of Victor, Lance, and Pete Vance. She was also the wife of Michael Vance, the Vance brother's father. She happens to be very addicted to drugs, which caused her to lose her three children and put them in the care of Aunt Enid. Janet appears in a cutscene with her boyfriend Javier, swearing to him that she will never take drugs again, but later ends up stealing her son's stash of cocaine. She is Caucasian, which probably means that her father was Dominican. After her and her boyfrined steal the cocaine, she is never heard from again

Janet Vance was voiced by Lynda Ashe.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City Stories


  • Janet is the first mother of the protagonist to make an appearance in a game.

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