Jerry Martinez
Jerry martinez artwork 1


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



Date of Death:

1984, Vice City


Vice City



Main Affiliation:

The Military, Victor Vance, Phil Cassidy, Bryan Forbes, Lance Vance, Mendez Cartel, Diego and Armando Mendez


Green Streetfighter, Hunter


Drug Dealing

Voiced by:

Felix Solis

Jerry Martinez is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who serves as the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He was the first character introduced in the game who gave Victor Vance his first missions. He also served as Victor's commanding officer around the time that Victor was stationed at Fort Baxter Airbase. Jerry Martinez was voiced by Felix Solis.

Character Background


Martinez is known not to take his postition seriously and is a man of loose morals can can often be seen watching pornographic films featuring Candy Suxxx. Martinez gives Victor his first task by obtaining a shipment of drugs and hiding them under his bed. Later, he tells Victor that he will collect the marijuana once Victor picks up his "girlfriend", Mary, who is a prostitute. When Victor arrives at Fort Baxter with Mary, he is confronted by drill Sergeant Peppah who informs him that he found drugs and questions him about the prostitute. Victor then gets a dishonourable discharge from the Army.

Martinez later betrays both Victor and Phil Cassidy by sending a group of men to see their deaths. He makes a deal with the Mendez brothers to oversee their shipment of cocaine arriving in Vice City, but gets ambushed and stolen by Victor and Lance. Becosue of this, this prompts Jerry to join the federal protection program, He later returns and kidnaps Victor's girlfriend, and beats her savagely and leaves her with his men.

Martinez, along with the last living Mendez brother, Diego, are murdered by Victor on top of the Mendez Building in Downtown.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City Stories

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