Juan Cortez' Yacht is
Ocean bay marina

Cortez' yacht seen docked at the Ocean Bay Marina in GTA VC.

a large boat, that appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The boat serves as the home to Juan Garcia Cortez and is found docked at the Ocean Bay Marina for the first half of the game.


Cortez resided on the boat with his daughter, Mercedes, until 1986. At the beginning of the game, Mercedes may have left her father to live on her own.

Tommy Vercetti first stepped on the boat to attend a party that Cortez threw. Tommy Vercetti met with Cortez on the deck of his boat to obtain tasks from him. Tasks included obtaining a chainsaw to kill Gonzalez, obtain technology chips from a frenchmen, provide proection for a drug barron, and obtain a tank from a military convoy. Tommy later returned to Cortez to help protect him while fleeing the country on his yacht. After completing his tasks, the yacht isn't seen again and the spot where the yacht was will be empty.

Although the yacht is gone, a small model scale of Cortez' yacht can be seen in the office of the Malibu Club.


  • The speedboat that is attached to the back of the yacht appears red. However, after completing All Hands On Deck, Cortez will give Tommy the boat to use to return to shore but it will appear white and yellow.

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