Juju Scramble
Poulets mission 1
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Little Haiti, Vice City
For: Auntie Poulet
Target: Three briefcases of drugs
Reward: $1,000
Unlocks: Bombs Away!
Unlocked by: Stunt Boat Challenge
Mission failure: Player Death, Police collect the briefcases first

Juju Scramble is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Auntie Poulet from her home in Little Haiti, Vice City.


Tommy recieves a call from Poulet to come over to her home for stew. Upon entering her home, Poulet serves Tommy tea with voodoo in it, to make Tommy preform the task for Poulet. She heard that the Cubans told the police where Poulet has been stashing her drugs, and now the officers are after her drugs. She tells Tommy to collect the three briefcases scattered around Little Haiti before the police do and bring the cases back to her house. Tommy first heads to a building located close to the Junkyard. After collecting the case, he gets stopped by a SWAT officer, but manages to escape from him. He then heads to a street south of Poulet's house and picks up that case. Last, he heads to a building located north of Poulet's house and collects the case. He then loses the cops before heading back to Poulet's home.


(Little Haiti, Auntie Poulet's shack. Tommy Vercetti and Auntie Poulet)

Tommy Vercetti: Hello? Hello?

Auntie Poulet: Come in, my dear, and rest your soul. You must be the big bad man me grandaddy been chattin' 'bout. Tells me tings about you, you know, when he visits, and about the others who wait for you. Now, we all dead for long time, but you, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, ha ha ha ha ha!

Tommy Vercetti: I got a message to come here.

Auntie Poulet: Can you hear dem? Dem callin' your name, boy, must want you pretty bad, don't ya tink? Now you do old Auntie Poulet a turn, huh, maybe she help you. Maybe she can give you a little juju after all of dis. Give you some magic to give the law man the stink eye, hmmmmm?

Tommy Vercetti: Look, this is all very, um... give me what? I,I, I think I've got the wrong address...

Auntie Poulet: Do me these tings, Tommy...... The Cubans, nasty proud foofoos, mmm, been making my lovely Haitian boys shake de heads. Now they told the policeman where me been stashing my powders. Dey tink it drugs, them stupid. Now be a good boy Tommy and go and get the powders for Auntie Poulet.

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

(After Tommy collects the first case.)

SWAT Officer: Don't move a muscle chump!


To complete this mission, the player must collect three briefcases scattered around Little Haiti. If the police collect any of the briefcases first, then the mission will be failed.



The reward for completing Juju Scramble is $1,000. The mission Bombs Away! for Auntie Poulet is now unlocked.


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