Jury Fury
Jury fury screenshot 1
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Location: Washington Beach, Vice City
For: Ken Rosenberg
Target: Jurors cars
Reward: $400
Unlocks: Riot
Road Kill
Body Armor
Unlocked by: Back Alley Brawl
Mission failure: Player Death
Being arrested by the police
Injuring or killing any of the two jurors

Jury Fury is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by lawyer Ken Rosenberg from his office in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Tommy drops by Ken's office, when Ken tells him that the Forelli Family, mostly Sonny Forelli, is becoming angered that Tommy doesn't have their money. So, in the meantime, the Forelli's have Vercetti do them a favor. Sonny's cousin, Giorgio, is looking at five years in prison for fraud unless the jury change their mind. Tommy leaves the office and witnesses a golfer running over a worker, who drops a hammer. Tommy takes the hammer and finds the juror's cars; one is located in front of a high rise building in Vice Point and one in Ocean Beach (the player can choose any car to start with first). After damaging the cars enough, the juror's change their minds and flee from Vercetti's location.



The reward for completing Jury Fury is $400. The missions Riot for Ken Rosenberg and Road Kill for Mr. Black are now unlocked. The Body Armor is now available for purchase at all three Ammu-Nation stores. Also, the player can keep the hammer from this mission.


  • This mission is one of the two missions, the other being Riot, that the player can obtain a Spand Express Truck.
  • The jurors' Admiral and Sentinel are considered to be heavy vehicles. The car will feel "heavier" and will lose less momentum when colliding into dynamic objects. However, the cars are weak to damage and will only need to take two or three hits before they start smoking or even exploding.. This property cannot be saved in a garage.
  • Even though the game's instructions tell the player to "smash up" the juror's cars, the player can also shoot the cars. The game will treat it as if the player smashed up the cars, and the mission will proceed normally.

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