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Kaufman Cabs in GTA Vice City

Kaufman Cabs
is a taxi firm that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The taxi firm is located in Little Haiti, Vice City and is owned by Tommy Vercetti.


The building is rectangular in shape and boosts a yellow paint on the building. The building somewhat resembles the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory but with a different interior and exterior paint color. After the mission Shakedown, the cab company will become available for purchase.

Kaufman cabs logo

Logo of Kaufman Cabs

The business operates a fleet of Kaufman Cabs, and long-serving employees Delores as the radio dispatcher and Ted as the taxi driver. Kaufman Cabs is the main rivals of Vice City Cabs, which is a bigger taxi firm with more employees and cars. After completing the three missions for Kaufman Cabs, the asset will earn a maximum $5,000 for the player to collect and the Zebra Cab will also be available for the player to use.

The firms name comes from actor Andy Kaufman, who played a taxi mechanic in the Taxi TV series.


Asset Missions


  • There are two arcade machines inside the building that the player can't play. One features Pogo the Monkey.
  • Theres a calender inside the building that features a picture of a rival cab, Vice City Cabs, which is unusual as the firm taxis are Kaufman Cabs. The calender also reads 1984 instead of 1986, the year setting of GTA Vice City.