Leaf links 1

Leaf Links as it appears in GTA Vice City.

Leaf Links is a golf course that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Its Vice City's only golf course and is made up entirely of islands. Leaf Links is the main turf of the Golfers.


Golfers 3

Golfers at Leaf Links.

Leaf Links is located in the Vice Beach area, west of Vice Point, east of Little Haiti, south of Prawn Island, and north of Starfish Island. Its a major attraction to most of Vice City's rich and wealthy. Golfers can be seen located in and around the area during the day. Caddies can also mostly be found around the course. At the main enterance, there is a club house with two security guards patroling the front enterance.

Leaf Links is based off of Leith Links, a golf course in Edinburgh, where Rockstar North is located, and the game of golf originated.


At the enterance of the course, the club house, there are metal detectors that will strip the player of all their weapons except melee weapons and brass knuckles. However, if the player has more than 6 weapons, only six out of the seven weapons will be outside the enterance. The seventh weapon most likely to not spawn outside the club house is any of the two sniper rifles. However in both games, the player can jump over the ledge of the street into the course as the fence on top isn't solid and the player can simply walk through it.


  • Even if the player kills the guards at the enterance, the metal detectors will still strip the player's weapons.

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