Leo Teal


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Full Name

Leo Teal






Vice City



Main Affiliation

Eugene, Moweesha, Mr. Black, Umberto Robina, Ricardo Diaz



Voice Actor


Leo Teal is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He only appears in the mission Back Alley Brawl. He resides in Vice City and works as a chef and hitman for Mr. Black. His voice actor is unknown.


In 1986, Teal began working as a chef and as a hitman on the orders of Mr. Black. The Vice City Police Department suspect that he has links to Black and works as a hitman, believing that he is involved in narcotics trade, but unable to tap his telephone due to him being a communications expert. He is killed in 1986 by Tommy Vercetti in an alleyway in Ocean Beach for being involved in the ambush deal between the Forelli Family and the Vance Crime Family. Vercetti later poses as Teal and works as a hitman for Black, killing a number of people. The thief from the Streetwannabes gang contacts Vercetti from Teal's phone saying that he's got a buyer for Ricardo Diaz's drugs, suggesting that Teal may have acted as one of the gunmen during the ambush. Leo may have worked with Cuban leader Umberto Robina in the past as he calls Leo on the phone possibly for a job but is answered by Tommy instead.

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